Friday, December 23, 2011


Nathaniel stays at an in-home day care near our house. His sitter is wonderful and planned crafts for the month of December and a party with a visit from Santa. Nathaniel did great with Santa. I was sure he would be scared and cry, but he didn't mind at all. We couldn't get him to smile for the camera, but I was just happy he wasn't screaming! 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

CJay says the darndest things: Take 2

CJay has a way with words; I have a great memory. What a perfect combination! I have no disclaimer this time because well, he doesn't know I'm posting these. Like last time, I'm sure he'll ask in disbelief, "Did I really say that stuff?" Yes, dear. You did.

Don't rush me. It's important that my avatar is accurate.

Oh, like having a baby is such a big deal. 

Look at all those gray hairs! 

Your cookies are pretty good, but they could be better.

No, I do like this. I'm just stunned by how delicious it is. 

I stepped in dog poop again. Why do bad things keep happening to me?

I have to do everything around here!

How did you even pass kindergarten?

Aren't you supposed to be my secretary?

And my personal favorite:

We should rent our son out to single men.