Monday, November 24, 2008

A heart as small as a quarter

It always takes me a while to process information, which is why I've waited almost 2 weeks to post anything about our recent visit to the cardiologist. The doctor did see some problems with the baby's heart - 2 holes and a chamber that's too small. The cardiologist was pretty sure the heart could be repaired after the baby is born. What we don't know yet is if there are other issues with the heart. Apparently the little guy is a mini-gymnast, and after nearly 2 hours, the doctor and the 2 techs decided to give up trying to get better pictures of his heart. So, we'll go back in January to find out exactly what type of surgery will be needed and when. Hopefully, he won't need surgery right away. 
The specialist was less than positive about the new information, but that group of doctors has been nothing more than downers for months. The specialist thinks the combination of the cystic hygroma and the heart defect points to a genetic abnormality. We're just not convinced. We've read enough to know that there are too many variables, and as the cardiologist said, "when it comes to things like this, 2 + 2 does not always equal 4."