Monday, September 29, 2008

Moving Day

Moving day went well. It was so much work even with movers. Thankfully, Mom and Dad packed what I couldn't and what CJay didn't. In CJay's defense, he's taking 2 night classes and he doesn't believe in packing. It's against his religion, I think. But we survived and we love the new house! It's so much bigger than any house we've ever lived in, and we're already filling up the closets and empty corners. The animals have adjusted well too, especially to the new couch. I wish we could keep the pet hair contained to the old furniture, but I'm fighting a losing battle. 

I'll post some pictures soon. 

Friday, September 12, 2008

The Sweetest Sound

I heard the most amazing sound yesterday -- a heartbeat. I went to doctor for a check up, not knowing what to expect this time. The doctor said, "okay, let's take a listen to the heart." I hopped up on the little table wondering why she wanted to listen to my heart. It's obviously working. She looked a little puzzled when I didn't lie down. I stretched out on the table but didn't even consider the importance of what was happening. I was overwhelmed when I heard that thump-thump -- our child's heartbeat (160 bpm). It was such a sweet sound. 

Unfortunately, CJay didn't go with me. He's still pretty disappointed that he missed it, but we had no idea what this appointment would be like. I have a feeling he won't be missing any more doctor visits. 

Monday, September 8, 2008

New House

We went Saturday morning to pick up the keys to our new house. Everything looked perfect, and we even met one of our neighbors. We're pretty excited to finally be less than 2 weeks away from living in our own house. The house looks so big now that it's empty, but I'm sure we'll have it full of baby stuff before too long.