Wednesday, December 15, 2010

CJay says the darndest things

I came up with this blog idea while I was pregnant. I actually thought of it on Saturday after Thanksgiving and planned to write it on Sunday, but instead I was at the hospital!

Sometimes, CJay really does say the darnedest things, and he's fortunate enough to have a wife with an incredible memory (and a wonderful sense of humor and lovely hair and awesome baking skills ... but I digress). Ha! I decided it would be funny to share some of the comments he made while I was pregnant. I do have his approval for this, but only if I include a disclaimer: "CJay is not a terrible husband and none of these comments made me mad." At least half of that statement is true. :)

(After I got home from class one night at 10:30 and took off my shoes.)
Your feet would only look worse if they were bloody stumps.

Yeah, your nose does look a little bigger.

Have you always had that big freckle on your stomach?

You would not believe how tired I am right now!

Whoa, your hands are really huge!

What are we gonna do if this kid acts like you?

Are you having a contraction? Is this the big one?

I forgot what you looked like when you weren't pregnant.

Can't you just punch yourself in the stomach and get this thing started?
And last but not least...
(When I was ~5 hours into labor)
I'm having terrible heartburn, if that makes you feel any better.


Just because I'm sharing things about CJay...

While I was sitting in the OR waiting for the doctor to stick a giant needle in my spine, the nurse/surgical tech/whoever she was asked me how I thought my husband was doing in the other room and if I thought he was really nervous. I said, "CJay's probably fine." Later that night I was looking through the pictures CJay had taken when Nathaniel was first born, and there was a picture of him. A picture of him in the other room waiting while I was getting a giant needle stuck in my spine and the lady was asking if he was okay. This is the picture...

As it turns out, CJay was doing just fine.


Heather Mullins said...

It really is amazing how much we women can remember. (Erik knows this all too well.) Ha! These are great. I am so glad you all are home and settled in for an amazing Christmas holiday.

~ Kelly said...

CJay, CJay CJay. You definitely have a way with words! You better be glad your wife kept her sense of humor while she was pregnant! I'm glad she told on you, though. I definitely had a good laugh about it!