Monday, November 29, 2010

Nathaniel Is Here!

Nathaniel Christopher is here and he's perfectly healthy! He was born via c-section at 2:41 pm on Sunday. I went into labor around 1:30 am Sunday morning, but my contractions weren't close enough together to head to the hospital until 8 am. It was a long wait! Unfortunately, my labor slowed dramatically around 1 pm and the doctor was concerned that Nathaniel was no longer getting enough oxygen from the placenta. I had really hoped for a VBAC this time around, but the doctor said he had a nagging feeling that Nathaniel wasn't going to do well if my labor continued so slowly. I wasn't happy about the c-section, but of course, there was no question that the baby's well-being came first.
We're all doing well right now. I'm sore, but this time around has been nothing like the first. I'm moving around much better and feeling like I might actually heal sooner. Hopefully, we'll be taking the little guy home on Wednesday. I'll post more pictures soon.

Nathaniel's first moment on earth.

Looking a little like Mr. Magoo!


~ Kelly said...

Whitney, you are just amazing. I'm so happy for you and CJay. Nathaniel is blessed to have such amazing strong faithful parents. He's as cute as can be, too! Love you guys! Congratulations!


Ashley W said...

He is awesome!!! We've been thinking of you and praying - congrats!!! He is so blessed!

Jackie said...

Oh he is beautiful! My heart is with you all.

Cassie said...

Yay for baby Nathaniel!! Love his precious little face, I can already see you both in there! I am so glad you are already healing well and I pray for a very speedy recovery (you are gonna need every bit of energy you can muster up!). Praying for these first few weeks to go smoothly and be surprisingly sleep-filled for all :)