Wednesday, October 15, 2008

This Friday

Things have been going well with baby Roberts. We went last week to our regular doctor for a check-up. The heartbeat is still strong -- 150 bpm. We met with a new doctor in the group, and he was so encouraging. He told us that he had seen these cystic hygromas before with some of his other patients. The hygroma resolved and the baby was perfectly healthy. His attitude was such a relief after spending the past month trying to overcome the specialist's negativity. 

One of the good things about having a high-risk pregnancy is that we get to "check in" on the baby more often. Because of that, we'll be finding out the sex this Friday when we go for our next ultrasound. We're both very excited; I'm still convinced it's a boy. I think CJay is just waiting to see if I'm right. If it isn't a boy, we'll be working hard to find a girl's name we can agree on. (And I'll be asking friends and family to limit the amount of pink gifts.) 

Right now, we'd like everyone to keep praying that this child is healthy when he or she arrives in March. 

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