Friday, September 12, 2008

The Sweetest Sound

I heard the most amazing sound yesterday -- a heartbeat. I went to doctor for a check up, not knowing what to expect this time. The doctor said, "okay, let's take a listen to the heart." I hopped up on the little table wondering why she wanted to listen to my heart. It's obviously working. She looked a little puzzled when I didn't lie down. I stretched out on the table but didn't even consider the importance of what was happening. I was overwhelmed when I heard that thump-thump -- our child's heartbeat (160 bpm). It was such a sweet sound. 

Unfortunately, CJay didn't go with me. He's still pretty disappointed that he missed it, but we had no idea what this appointment would be like. I have a feeling he won't be missing any more doctor visits. 


Brooke said...

so cool! :) yay!

the same thing happened to me and stephen. i tried to call him so he could hear it on the phone. they should let you know about these things ahead of time!

xjaesx said...

that is so awesome! i'm so happy for you all..... :-) jenn w.

Cassie Laing said...

Congratulations!! We are so excited for you guys! As new parents we can officially say it is the greatest experience of your life! The first few months will run together like one REALLY LONG day and then you wake up to the reality that life could not be better. Keep in touch and don't let the preg side effects get you down, it is amazing how fast time goes:)

Tammi said...

Thank you so much for sharing your very happy moments with us!! It is so exciting and fulfilling to see how God is blessing your family!!!